Stealthy Device Traps Flying Pests & Hides Them From Sight (No Risky Chemicals)

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"This device is the ultimate fly magnet!" — Carmen B.

The Problem With Nasty Flying Bugs In The Home

Billions of microbe-carrying house flies, moths, gnats, and mosquitoes are swarming all over America — and their favorite place to live is inside the home. Why? Well, they love feasting on food in the kitchen and they’re naturally attracted to light. Flying bugs can’t resist lamps, bulbs, lanterns… pretty much every source of light in any household!1

These insects are more than just a nuisance. They’re notorious carriers of germs, parasites, and illness.2 House flies, in particular, love eating feces, garbage, and decaying matter — collecting bacteria wherever they land. Once inside the home, flies can easily transfer these germs to our food, water, and skin.  

Even worse, many of these insects can give you itchy, irritating bites. Scratching them can break-open the skin... allowing bacteria into the body and, in some cases, infection.

With disgusting flying bugs invading homes all over America, it’s no wonder there are thousands of so-called pest solutions out there.

Typical Bug "Solutions" — Are They Even Worth It?

Insect sprays and fly traps are the most common insect “fix,” but they have serious risks:

  1. Sprays contain toxic chemicals & pesticides — dangerous for people and pets.
  2. Some sprays claim to be “safe,” which typically means they’re “not very effective.”

Some store-bought fly traps can be useful, but come with their own set of problems:

  1. Fly traps only work on a flat surface, which greatly limits their use.
  2. They also expose the disgusting sight of expired bugs.

But there’s good news: the experts at BugMD have developed a simple, reliable, and affordable solution for flies, mosquitoes, and other flying bugs.

The breakthrough flying insect solution of 2024: BugMD No Fly Zone.

This Convenient Device Traps Nasty Flying Bugs Hands-Free!

BugMD No Fly Zone is the safest, easiest, and most effective way to protect yourself and your family from pesky flying insects.

Unlike conventional solutions, BugMD No Fly Zone works without toxic chemicals. Simply plug it into any standard outlet and it goes to work luring-in and trapping flying pests! Thousands of Americans are already using this device to control flies, gnats, mosquitoes, and more.

But, fair warning: this first batch of No Fly Zone is almost sold out... and due to delays at the shipping ports, it may not be in stock again for several months.

Click here to see if BugMD No Fly Zone is still available in your state.

Simple To Use + Hides Trapped Bugs From Sight

Each BugMD No Fly Zone comes with one plug-in device with a built-in UV light and a pack of 6 ultra-sticky traps. Installing it couldn’t be simpler:

  1. Pick areas where you often see flies, mosquitoes, gnats, and other flying insects.
  2. Remove the safety film from an adhesive strip and place it inside the No Fly Zone, making sure the sticky side is facing the wall.
  3. Plug No Fly Zone into a standard outlet somewhere in the “problem area.” 
  4. That’s it! Let No Fly Zone lure and catch insects without ruining the look of your home or exposing loved ones to risky chemicals.

You’ll notice the results right away: bugs will flock to the No Fly Zone. When a sticky trap fills up, simply fold the two adhesive sides together to seal deceased bugs in, then toss! Place a fresh trap in the tray and you’re done… super easy!

How Does ‘No Fly Zone’ Get Rid of Pesky Insects?

No Fly Zone combines the uncontrollable attraction power of UV light and a discreet sticky trap to create a powerful bug-luring device that insects can’t resist.

When flying bugs flock to the UV light, the double-strength adhesive trap catches them fast. The trap itself faces inwards, hiding trapped bugs from plain sight and preventing them from flying away. 

As long as it’s plugged-in, BugMD’s No Fly Zone gives you effective, hands-free protection from nasty insects without using toxic chemicals.

Customers Are BUZZING About BugMD No Fly Zone...

Check out these astonishing reviews from verified customers:

"We keep a lot of plants inside the house and they attract all sorts of insects. Been looking for a way to get rid of them that doesn’t use chemical bug sprays, which I simply don’t want to use indoors. We tried No Fly Zone and it saved us a lot of money and aggravation...I feel so much better using this instead of sprays as it works just as well, if not even better."

— Brooke M.

"There’s a constant influx of flies coming into our kitchen from our backyard, where water tends to stand after it rains. We tried several other products but this is the first thing that actually got results for us. I just plug it into the outlet near the kitchen countertop; insects can’t seem to resist it. When it’s full, I just fold the trap, throw it out, then place a new one--easy! Highly recommended."

— Joe P.

"I was going crazy with these gnats in the kitchen--googled them and found out they can be super difficult to get rid of. I tried BugMD on a whim because it was so affordable, and now we use it every day. Amazing results."

— Daniel C.

How Does No Fly Zone Compare To Store-Bought Solutions?


BugMD No Fly Zone

Ordinary Insect Traps

Store-bought Bug Sprays

Lures a wide range of flying insects: gnats, flies, mosquitoes, moths, etc.

Keeps you safe from bugs

Hides deceased bugs, keeping spaces neat and clean

Scent-free, compact, hands-free device

Safe around food, children, & pets

Contains pesticides & toxic chemicals

  • Can also trap flies, moths, and other flying insects

  • Many sprays target one or two types of insects at most

How To Defend Your Home From Disgusting Flying Bugs

BugMD No Fly Zone is not available in stores and can only be found online.

Now that you’ve discovered how to avoid annoying flies, gnats, bugs, and more without wasting money or exposing your family to toxic pesticides — follow these steps to get started:

  1. Go to the official BugMD website to place your order
  2. Enjoy the safety and comfort of a pest-free life

BugMD No Fly Zone wants to sweeten the deal by giving you a "New Customer" discount and a "Bug-Free" Satisfaction Guarantee. Check here to see if stock is still available >>>

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